Medication Adherence & Chronic diseases

Non-adherence to drug treatment is a health issue which, over the last few decades, has led to significant health and economic consequences. Adherence to treatment in patients suffering from chronic diseases is inadequate at rates of up to 50%, leading to increased morbidity and mortality and higher healthcare costs.

This issue is even more relevant in individuals with a tendency to multiple chronic diseases or multimorbidity conditions. Adherence to treatment is a multifactorial phenomenon and as such requires a multidisciplinary approach in terms of skills and knowledge.

CIRFF has been active in the area for almost ten years through the study and development of quality and performance indicators of pharmaceutical care, linked to adherence. In the process of improving adherence to treatment, a focal point is also the empowerment of patients on the importance of the correct intake of medicines.

Since 2013 CIRFF has participated in the research activities of international networks such as the action group on adherence of the European Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging and is an active member of the executive committee of the International Society of Medication Adherence (ESPACOMP). Since 2020 it has been a member of the Management Committee of a specific Cost Action (ENABLE), as Italian delegate.