Italian Translation and Validation of the original ABC Taxonomy on adherence to treatment

The ABC (Ascertaining Barriers to Compliance) project, founded in 2012 and funded by the European Commission, proposed a new terminology related to Medication Adherence, adopted by ESPACOMP (International Society for Medication Adherence), and now adopted internationally.

In order to facilitate the transferability of the research results and the discussion on adherence between researchers, the Center has become the leader for the translation of the original ABC Taxonomy into Italian.

The project is articulated in several steps that involve:

– Systematic literature review for the identification of Italian research groups in the field of adherence;

– Italian translation of terms and definitions of the ABC Taxonomy;

– Selection of experts in the field;

– Delphi survey, in different rounds, to reach consensus on each term and definition of the Taxonomy.

Available results: