Center of  Drug Utilization
and Pharmacoeconomics 

CIRFF, Center of Pharmacoeconomics and Drug Utilization Research of the University of Naples Federico II, has been one of the few realities in the Italian academic context operating in the field of Drug Utilization, Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research since 2004. 

The main mission of the Center is to promote, advertise and carry out basic and applied research activities on the evolutionary dynamics of the health sector, as well as to spread scientific knowledge on the management and delivery of healthcare. 

The long-term experience gained by its research group and the reliability of the studies carried out, which find expression in numerous international publications, allow CIRFF to be a privileged interlocutor for institutions, companies and stakeholders called to measure themselves with the ongoing challenges posed by an economic and social scenario in constant transformation. 

Based in the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Naples Federico II, since 2005 it has been officially recognised as the Regional Reference Center of Campania Region.


Via Domenico Montesano, 49
80131 Naples

Telephone numbers
+39 081 678669
+39 081 678659