We believe that every decision should benefit from the most up-to-date and effective scientific knowledge for the area in which it is to be applied. For this reason, CIRFF is committed to improving decision-making within healthcare governance

Our mission is to promote, advertise and carry out basic and applied research into the evolutionary dynamics of the health sector, with greater focus on the areas of Drug Utilization, Pharmacoeconomics, Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation in RW

As a University Center, we conduct research activities and obtain funding for the projects we develop and carry out. We also provide studies and sector analysis for public and private entities within the Regional and National Health Service. In addition, we carry out studies and provide services commissioned by public and private subjects. 

The brilliant outstanding results reached over almost two decades of experience have consolidated our role in a National and International context as expert in studies on the organization and delivery of healthcare services.

Drug Utilization


Social Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Legislation in RW



Outcome research

Medical Devices


Healthcare governance