Ongoing training

The Ongoing Training carried out by CIRFF as part of the Third Mission aims to enrich and deepen, compared to the initial conditions, the potential of pharmacy as an expression of social and local health
services capable of avoiding, when not necessary, the costs of hospitalisation.
The aim is to improve pharmacists’ knowledge on a range of issues that are and will increasingly be central
to the success of this profession.

Specifically, CIRFF’s Ongoing Training activities focus on:

  • Diseases of clinical, social and economic relevance;

  • Management of chronic patients, with particular reference to adherence to therapies;

  • Prescriptive and therapeutic appropriateness;

  • Aspects of pharmaceutical legislation and their effects on professional practice.


The aim of PharmAcademy was to offer local pharmacists in the province of Avellino both theoretical and practical training to improve pharmacy management as a multifunctional social and health service centre. PharmAcademy, held from May to December 2019, was divided into 4 different modules, each stretching
for four days, with a total number of 80 accredited training hours (96 Training Credits ).

Drugs and Diseases

The aim of Farmaci e Malattie was to meet the cultural and professional needs of clinical and therapeutic professionals for various diseases of clinical and social relevance, by bringing together health professionals and guaranteeing effective and independent scientific information. This activity, carried out throughout the whole Country, involved more than 500 health professionals. The topics covered were: Type II diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, COPD and Asthma, HBV and HCV - VTE - Psychosis, Infertility, Pluripathologies in geriatrics.

Chronicity, adherence to treatment and sustainability

The aim was to offer Doctors, Pharmacists and Policy makers in Campania Region, a focus aimed at enriching knowledge about adherence to treatment and the management of chronic patients. The activity, carried out in January 2019, involved 120 healthcare professionals.