Health Protection

The exponential growth of health expenditure and the regulatory changes of recent years in healthcare have led CIRFF to set up a Third Mission in the field of public health protection, with particular focus on pharmaceutical sector.
The success of this activity was concretized in 2005 with the recognition of CIRFF as a Centre of Regional Relevance (Resolution n. 16/2005). Since then, CIRFF has been committed to improving the decision-making process within healthcare governance in the belief that every decision should benefit from the most current and effective scientific knowledge for the context in which it is to be applied. In this perspective, CIRFF has created an outcome management activity to support the General Directorate for Health Protection and the UOD 06 Drug Policy and Medical Devices of the Campania Region aimed at better addressing health policies. The skills that CIRFF has acquired can be summarized as follows:
  • Converting the available scientific evidence into health policy actions;

  • Regularly evaluating the results of health policies in real clinical practice;

  • Improving the cultural knowledge of policy-makers and health professionals;

  • Promoting patient empowerment on specific health issues;

  • Producing new evidence through scientific publications.

The success of this activity was realized in 2017 with the recognition of CIRFF as the structure responsible
for the analysis of the information assets contained in the Regional Information System of the Campania
Region with regard to the pharmaceutical area (Resolution no. 276/2017).

CIRFF, finally, as scientific responsible, coordinates the research activities in Drug Utilization and
Pharmacoeconomics of the Campania Region.

Types of activities:


Drug Expenditure and Consumption Monitoring System and ad-hoc reporting activities able to provide
aggregated results on four different levels (Region, Local Health Authority, District and Prescribing Physician). The activity enables the monitoring of drug expenditure and consumption, assigning specific objectives to each Local Health Authority.


Monitoring system of pharmaceutical regulations (Decrees, Resolutions and Regional Notes) in real clinical
practice through the creation of ad hoc reports. It allows the timely assessment of the impact of pharmaceutical policies undertaken and the identification of areas for potential improvement.


Monitoring system (computerised platform) for adherence to chronic therapies and ad-hoc reporting on adherence to treatment and patterns of drug use in real clinical practice. The activity supports decision-makers in assessing the impact of Medication Adherence on health outcomes both in clinical terms and in terms of resource use.


Monitoring system aimed at assessing the cost-effectiveness of drug therapies in Real World conditions as well as the potential savings obtainable from the appropriate use of drugs.


Analisi dettagliata della prevalenza delle patologie croniche, e delle 
relative comorbidità, in Regione Campania finalizzata sia all’approfondimento di tutte le questioni scientifiche relative al suddetto tema, sia di creare un efficace strumento di conoscenza per i decisori impegnati nella programmazione delle politiche e delle strategie sanitarie.


Monitoring system of the Essential Levels of Care (LEAs) for pharmaceutical assistance in real clinical practice through the creation of ad hoc reports. The activity allows the monitoring of the LEAs in progress and the planning of pharmaceutical policy actions that facilitate the achievement of compliance with the LEAs themselves.