Lifelong learning

The Lifelong Learning activities carried out by CIRFF in the context of the Third Mission aims to publish texts
starting from the research themes that the Center has been carrying out for a long time, with the aim of
offering physicians, pharmacists and policy-makers comprehensive tools for in-depth study.

Specifically, two editorial series have been founded: the CIRFF Series and the Phármakon Series.

The CIRFF Series

The CIRFF Series collects works of interdisciplinary approach that analyses different aspects concerning the world of pharmaceuticals to meet the cultural and professional needs of professionals. The volumes
published since 2005 are dedicated to pharmacists and to anyone else who wants to know the complexity of its management.

Vai alla Collana CIRFF

The Phármakon Series

The Phármakon Series, published by FedOA (Federico II University Press), is one of the few series offering such content in open access format in the Italian language. The monographs of the Series have been published since 2017 both in paper and digital format, the former being available for consultation at the main Italian national libraries, while the latter, being present on an Open Access platform, free of charge, at the website of the Series.

Vai alla Collana Phármakon